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Towards the South of Derbyshire, Daaarby or Derby is the ancient capitol of the South Peak District. Derby was at the heart of the Milling and cotton industries in the UK during the Industrial Revolution and exported its goods far and wide. Derby today is still a centre from manufacturing with many big names still manufacturing goods for worldwide export (JCB, Toyota & Rolls Royce to name a few). One of the more peculiar and adorable traditions of Derbyshire is the annual event of a well dressing.

Web designers has established a creative centre within the Cathedral Quarter and along Friar Gate. This community of web designers and agencies is developing, by working with each other and in competition in order to create bigger and better online experiences, which I am an active part of. The Derby Quad is a creative centre that designers and creative type alike flock to.

With the Westfield Centre at its heart, Derby is a major retail destination which presents the requirement for a number of online stores to enable high street retailers to compete not only on the high street but also online. With the online share of retail spending growing exponentially year on year this is a must for every successful retail store.

Derby being so close to Nottingham means that I spend a lot of time in and around the area. This close relationship with Nottingham helps create an ideal breeding for top talent.


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